Pulsed Light

At Juve we use VPL, “Variable Pulsed Light”.

The machine at Juve is Anthélia® PULSED LIGHT, medical grade advanced technology from France. One of the best and most effective permanent hair reduction and skin rejuvenation machines in the world.

The operators at Juve are internationally accredited in laser and IPL which means you are in safe hands. At Juve, you can safely expect up to 95% hair reduction. Following recommendations is essential. Results may vary.


Marina G.

« I was worried about investing in this treatment for a long time. I wanted to treat my pigmentation – brown spots which were becoming very visible with time. I finally decided to try and Sally reassured me in the matter that I was going to see results in 1 to 3 treatments. I saw some amazing results after only 1 treatment! I am over the moon. Recommend it 100%! »



Why did Juve choose Anthélia® PULSED LIGHT?

Owner of more than seventeen patents concerning pulsed light since 1994, the French designer and manufacturer EFB has become a key actor on the medical aesthetics market.

The new generation of Anthélia® Pulsed Light enables the treatment of acne, vascular lesions, and pigmentary lesions for all patients (men and women), while ensuring phototoning and anti-age treatment for the face and body.

The Anthélia® pulsed light, polychromatic light filtered of all ultraviolet rays (UVA, UVB and UVC), generates an articial yet totally natural reactivation of collagen and elastin. The treatment is painless and innocuous for the face and body.



The Anthélia® Pulsed Light offers progressive and lasting photoepilation. A solution offering personalized treatment on all zones of the face and body, even on ingrowing hairs. A comfortable treatment, rapid, precise and safe.

Variable Pulsed Light allows the operator to vary the treatment to suit exactly what the client needs. After a couple of hair reduction treatments, with this light therapy, hair becomes thinner, so we can adjust the settings accordingly.


Why choose Juve?

Our therapists are certified aestheticians. The therapists at Juve are internationally qualified in laser and IPL.
The machine at Juve is very effective and meets the gold standards of french aesthetics. Your therapist will develop a customised plan to suit your needs and wants.


What can I treat?

Treatments are designed for both men and women for either hair reduction or skin rejuvenation treating brown spots, vascular redness or collagen stimulation adding plumpness to skin.


Do you have payment options?

Yes, we do. A Pulsed Light treatment at Juve starts at $20 per week – depending on which area is treated. Afterpay is available in-salon.

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