Sugar and foods that quickly convert to sugar are not your skins’ friends. Premature ageing, skin sagging, inflammation, acne, excess hair growth and dark patches in the creases of your skin can be signs of excess sugar in your diet.

The worst offenders are simple carbohydrates, these include white bread, brown and white sugar, pizza, packaged food, fruit juice, soda, ice-cream, pasta and most take-aways.

Complex carbohydrates delay the immediate release of sugar absorption helping to control blood sugar levels. Examples of fantastic skin foods include healthy fats; avocados, flaxseed, coconut, olive and safflower oils. Lean protein; fish, chicken, and a little red meat. Brown rice and fibrous vegetables including broccoli and cauliflower. Also some other skin loving friends include beans, nuts, seeds and antioxidants such as berries.

The sequence in which you eat seems to play a part as well. Try to start with protein to avoid insulin spikes from being stimulated. Eat regular healthy meals to avoid the “crash” that can happen if your blood sugar levels drop too far.

Change the way you eat and you will find the craving you experience for sugar will be greatly reduced. Ensure you get enough sleep and manage your stress levels so your body does not have to deal with the constant negative impact of the hormone cortisol and this will also help to reduce insulin highs and lows.

Be prepared and organise your week by shopping for food wisely. Grow what you can even if this means a few herbs and vegetables. Always try to eat in season, this way you will get the best from your fresh produce. Another tip is expect the unexpected, this way stress will have less control on you. Walk, dance and laugh to increase your happy hormones.

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