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As the days start to get warmer, we start to think about our bodies, or rather we think about exposing a little more flesh than we have had to through winter.

Spring is a great time to start a mini cleanse or a detox. This can be anywhere from three days to a few weeks depending on which one you are choosing. Most cleanses will eliminate red meat, dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and wheat whilst increasing wholesome foods such as vegetables, fruit, brown rice, rolled oats, healthy fats and oils and clean proteins; eggs, organic chicken, fish and lentils. You need to include good fluids like clean water, fresh juices and herbal teas to ensure hydration and the “flushing” of toxins from the body.

Light exercise is a must, walking, yoga and pilates creates a calmness to the body which helps us to heal and regenerate our body cells. Inflammation is reduced and the liver can process the toxins more readily as less stress hormones will be produced in this cleansing time.

There are so many benefits to a detox cleanse that can kick-start great healthy eating habits. If you want clearer skin and eyes, shiny hair, better sleep and a lighter feel to your body join the team at Juve for “Bestows 7 days of me.” Beauty starts from within.

Written by Sally Wright

Paramedical Skin Therapist

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