We all want healthy, glowing skin and this is so much harder to achieve in Winter without being in the know of some secrets.

Our skin enemies in Winter include the cold, dry months, fires and air conditioners as this makes for a drier skin. Our natural moisturising factors are under attack which simply means the elements that keep the outer layer of our skin hydrated, smooth and protected are not able to work as efficiently.

We need to boost these elements by adding emollients which soften and smooth the skin, occlusive which provide a barrier on the surface of the skin preventing water loss and humectants which bind and hold water in the top layers of skin.

Six tips to go with the glow

Drink 8 glasses of water including herbal teas.

Increase oils in the diet; olive oil, beauty oil, avocado, nuts and seeds.

Eat a diet rich in natural colour and add an internal skin food for added vitamins and minerals.

Invest in a great moisturiser for day and add an oil or serum for night. A texturiser in the form of an AHA will help your moisturising products penetrate the skin more readily.

Change your makeup to a light reflecting mineral fluid. An added benefit would be time releasing moisturising ingredients including hyraulonic acid, aloe vera and vegetable glycerine.

Add an oil and water spray to your skin care regime. Keep this in your bag and spray your face whenever the skins feels “tight”

Let the team at Juve help you achieve beautiful, healthy, luminous skin.

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