Winter is a good time to eat wholesome delicious food. Eat food rich in minerals that support and heal the body whilst reducing inflammation and enhancing our skin and hair.

I love getting the slow cooker out and coming home to the rich smell of casseroles and nutritious soups. Bone broths are all the rage at the moment but a lot of the last generation were brought up with this healthy bowl of goodness every week.

The left over roast lamb was made into shepherd’s pie by mincing the meat, adding vegetables and a gravy then topping with creamy mashed potato made with milk and lashings of butter (great for added vitamin D)

The bones and leftover meat from roasts including lamb, beef and chicken were covered with water herbs and vegetables including onion and carrot tops, also a little cider vinegar was added to pull the calcium out of the bones. This was then boiled and simmered to be made into a nutritious broth that was then strained and fresh diced vegetables and lentils were added.

Being savvy with our leftovers is not only cost effective; it is also healthy and very much on trend. Talk to Granny about how they ate before food came out of a packet.

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