Moisturising skin from within


Essential fatty acid deficiency is one of the most common causes of skin problems. I love the bestow beauty oil because it moisturises my skin from within. It helps to refine the natural oil flow in your skin without this your skin can start to look and feel oily and sluggish.

It is so easy to use, I like to use mine in a smoothie, as a salad dressing or in a glass of water or juice.

The Bestow beauty plus oil helps to unblock any blockages in your body that stop you from taking in all the nutrients of the fatty acids it needs, this is the perfect one to start on.

Gut health: This has been a major concern of mine lately. I have been suffering from bloating and leaky gut for years. The Bestow range offer health powders to get to the base of these concerns. Your gut needs good bacteria to help eliminate toxins throughout your body and these powders contain all the good bacteria you need. For example pro-biotics which help to calm the inflammation that is happening within the gut. This then promotes regular elimination of toxins creating the inner environment for clear glowing skin.


Written by Isla Hutchison


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