With Mother’s Day just passed it is a great time to think about the simple information for beauty we should share with the next generation.

Start looking after your skin early in life

Make looking after skin a habit, apply a light moisturiser and sunscreen in the morning and gently cleanse at night with a facecloth changed daily, again apply the moisturiser. Sleep on silk pillowcases if possible-less frizzy hair and less friction on the skin.

Sun damage shows later in life

Most of our sun damage comes from our childhood the face, neck and chest should always be protected due to constant exposure. We need some sun but save this for arms and legs where the skin is thicker.

Eat skin loving foods daily

Lots of seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs, some fruits, rolled oats, brown rice, nuts, seeds, good oils and clean protein. Drink lemon water every day to cleanse and only eat packaged food as a lazy quick fix.

Makeup to enhance not to mask

Teach your daughters to apply makeup well, if this is not your expertise book a lesson. Girls want to experiment with makeup and mineral makeup is the best choice for reducing pimple growth.

Keep fit

People who make exercise a part of their life generally look and feel better. Walk to your next job, bike to your friend’s house and dance or play sport. The old rule of use it or lose it applies.

Written by: Sally Wright

Para-medical Skin Therapist

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