Juve is a business that runs on love, care, high values, and never-ending laundry. Conquer the laundry, conquer the world, or as Sally says a family that folds together stays together. We all have our part to play in successful outcomes of our work and private lives. The secret is pure intentions. Clean the mind daily with exemplary, powerful, positive thoughts. The power of the brain will influence how we perceive the world and how we respond to life’s curveballs. Self-discipline is the primary key to any accomplishment, and it starts with the small daily things: exercise, eating well, not procrastinating, and merely tidying up and doing the washing.

Q&As with Sally 

How did you decide on your career path?

When I was 13, my Mother took me to a beauty therapist for advice on how best to look after my skin. I loved that appointment and developed a real interest in skin and helping people to look and feel their best. Later I did makeup on a couple of Mums friends before they went to functions. Also, I had an interest in cosmetic chemistry and would make cleansers, moisturisers, and deodorants for my girlfriends and myself. I went on to train as a beauty therapist and electrologist.

What inspired you to work with the skincare Environ?

I was setting up my business from home, and my focus was skin correction, semi-permanent makeup, and para-medical tattooing for scar revision after surgery, accidents, chicken pox, and acne. I had completed courses in advanced skin analysis and cosmetic chemistry with a global tutor, and I contacted her regarding the best range for treating sun damage which has always been New Zealand’s leading cause of skin problems. Environ just launched, and so finally we had a product line with the ability to create beautiful, healthy skin for a lifetime.  The results achieved were revolutionary and continue to be the driving force behind the great skin stories at Juve.

What are your most significant achievements in the industry?

We are helping many women and men to feel confident through our delivery systems of skincare, treatment mineral makeup, hair reduction, skin and beauty-spa treatments. Juve has invested a lot into the industry through taking new beauty therapists from beauty therapy colleges and growing them to an excellent standard enabling them to work all over the world. Juve has won New Zealand awards through the results we achieve with clients and the measures we aspire to maintain daily.

 What makes Juve a market leader?

It has always been my desire to be qualified at the highest industry level and continue to build on knowledge to ensure I am giving the most current information to the therapists we employ — this way, our clients are receiving the very best. We work in-line with Dr. Des Fernandez, a world-class training organisation which ensures the gold standard of skin treatments and hygiene protocols. Our results-driven technology is some of the best worldwide, and Environ is only available through certified Environ Skin Therapists, Doctors, and Dermatologists; Juve has the exclusive rights in Gisborne.

What’s coming next?

I am completing university studies of psychology and am presently working on the next Juve model of business, which will be very exciting… We’ll keep you posted!



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