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Does Shaving Make You Hairy?

It has been believed for many years that shaving will make your hair growth thicker and darker. This idea is in place because the top of the hair has a finer tip and when this is cut off by shaving, the same hair growing through the skin will feel prickly, due to a bigger surface area of hair being exposed.…

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Spring into Action

As the days start to get warmer, we start to think about our bodies, or rather we think about exposing a little more flesh than we have had to through winter. Spring is a great time to start a mini cleanse or a detox. This can be anywhere from three days to a few weeks depending on which one you…

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How to achieve luminous skin in winter

We all want healthy, glowing skin and this is so much harder to achieve in Winter without being in the know of some secrets. Our skin enemies in Winter include the cold, dry months, fires and air conditioners as this makes for a drier skin. Our natural moisturising factors are under attack which simply means the elements that keep the…

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Grandma’s winter secrets

Winter is a good time to eat wholesome delicious food. Eat food rich in minerals that support and heal the body whilst reducing inflammation and enhancing our skin and hair. I love getting the slow cooker out and coming home to the rich smell of casseroles and nutritious soups. Bone broths are all the rage at the moment but a…

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Five top beauty tips Mums should pass on

With Mother’s Day just passed it is a great time to think about the simple information for beauty we should share with the next generation. Start looking after your skin early in life Make looking after skin a habit, apply a light moisturiser and sunscreen in the morning and gently cleanse at night with a facecloth changed daily, again apply…

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Does your skin like chocolate?

The Easter bunny came early to our house by a few weeks, and now I know when anybody says chocolate doesn’t cause pimples, the study must have been funded by a chocolate company. The problem with having all this chocolate in the house started after dinner when all the work for the day was complete and I was making our…

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