Belle of the ball 0

Belle of the ball package :

☆ Eyelash tint
☆ Eyebrow shape and tint
☆ Full body spray tan
☆ Mineral makeup

Only $120

Spray tan and tinting to be done one or two days prior to the makeup.

Generation Z, Generation Me, the Selfie Generation, Centennials, digital natives – or, as we call them in Gisborne, teenagers.

That gorgeous, challenging, occasionally spotty teen of yours probably knows their best angles in photos. But, do they understand the importance of a sensible skincare routine?

At Juve we give them simple, smart advice; expert tips; and teen-specific treatments that have been described by one happy client as “literally awesome”.

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“I really enjoyed this spa visit. I found myself feeling more and more relaxed and this relaxation was strengthened by the warmth and comfort of the room.”
Jamie, 14

Smooth skin facial

30 minutes
$49 - $69

Sometimes teenage skin just behaves badly. And when it does, you can’t take away its pocket money, ground it, or restrict access to its mobile phone.

What you can do is ask the experts at Juve to sort out that naughty skin for you.

We’ll clean the skin deeply and gently, then exfoliate to eliminate blockages and balance the moisture levels. Sometimes a peel will be needed to sterilise pimple-producing bacteria. We’ll recommend the most effective treatments.

Belle of the ball

Belle of the ball online

90 mins

This package isn’t just good value – it actually works miracles. It transforms teens into a glorious, grown up version of themselves. Get ready to take lots of photos, and possibly shed a proud parental tear.

  • Celebrity eyelash tint
  • FAB brow shape and tint
  • Full body spray tan
  • Mineral makeup

Click here for more info Belle-of-the-Ball2.pdf

Love your-selfie pamper package

60 mins

Look good, feel great, be a star on social media.

  • Learn how to tame temperamental teen skin.
  • Petite facial.
  • Natural, selfie-ready look with mineral makeup.
  • Mini manicure.

Teen-approved! Give a Juve gift voucher.

Celebrity eyelash tint

20 minutes

Give eyes celeb-style flutter factor, with a long-lasting eyelash tint.

FAB brow

30 minutes

Cara and Kylie who? Book a customised eyebrow shape and tint.

Juve tip: Full eyebrows are on trend again (think the 1980s but with better clothes). If you don’t have naturally thick brows, no worries: having the right shape is the most important thing. Then you can use makeup or a tint to give more definition.

TXT ready in 20

20 mins

A super-speedy mini manicure with fast-drying top coat for TXT-ready nails in just 20 minutes.

Epic treatment for young men

Boy Facial4

60 min

Here’s something specially for the boys. Ideal before or after exams, before the school ball, and even to calm pre-first date nerves.

  • Stress-busting back, neck and shoulder hot stone massage.
  • Refreshing face treat to deep-clean and re-energise.
  • Advice on simple ways to look after moody adolescent male skin.

“It was a very relaxing experience, and put my stress at ease. Thanks Juve.”

Juve tip: Boys love to be pampered. (And nothing really changes when they’re adults!) Book your boy in for a chill out session at Juve, and you might be surprised what a difference an hour makes.


Jane Iredale Makeup/Environ Skincare Top Overall Achiever 2016


N.Z. Beauty Industry Awards Best Clinic/Spa, 2013/2014


Environ Excellence Award 2014


Westpac Supreme Business of the Year Awards Professional and Service Excellence 2012
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