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Professional skin consultation

STR 8293


Your real skin, revealed. Now this can be a bit confronting, but the results will be worth it, believe us. Our scanner shows your skin’s condition in layers below the surface, including pigmentation, sun damage, oil flow, hydration levels, epidermis density and general skin health. Using this information, your beauty therapist will create a personalised, effective plan to achieve your skincare goals within your budget.
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Environ Specialised Facial Treatment DF machine

STR 8224

This machine is Juve’s not-so-secret weapon against the effects of ageing.

Sonophorisis uses sound waves to transport vitamin molecules though the skin in a selected area. It’s ideal for upper lip area, lines around the eyes, scar tissue and on pigmentation marks. Iontophoresis uses electrical current to facilitate greater penetration of vitamins into the skin. This is ideal for large surface areas such as the face and neck.

 Downsized sono

Together the treatments are designed to stimulate the thickening of skin, promote the normalisation and improvement of collagen and elastin, ensure better control of pigment production, and encourage the restoration of normal blood flow and proper oxygenation of the skin. Your skin will look youthfully plump, hydrated and healthy.

Skin revival


We offer a range of skin peels, from ultra gentle to super intensive. These treatments are recommended for tackling premature aging and skin conditions including sun damage and acne. A course of five is recommended.

Single treatment 30 mins $69

Revitalise peel and facial

STR 8315



Treat yourself to a lactic acid peel while immersed in steam, followed by a face massage and mask. Your skin will feel gloriously radiant and smooth, and products will penetrate more effectively.

45 mins $79



Refresh facial

A half hour to looking HOT. This perfectly petite treatment gives you more radiant skin. It begins with a massage using a pre-cleansing oil, followed by a mask for buffing and hydration, and finishing with exfoliating, moisturising and protection.

30 mins $49

Honey infusion facial

If you’re after a rehydrating, healing and nourishing facial, this is the one for you. 100% UMF honey is infused in a warm paraffin wax, so your skin benefits from honey’s renowned anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Cell regeneration is boosted; skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis can be improved. Sweet!

60 mins $89

 Honey Facial Skin Deep

Luxury facial

When we say “luxury”, we mean pure over-the-top indulgence. This relaxing facial treatment includes: cleanse, tone, mask, vitamin therapy designed for your skin type, eyelash tint, framing eyebrow shape and 20 minutes of blissful face and hand massage.

75 mins $109

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LED Rejuvenate photo facials

 LED Treatment STR 9823 

These treatments are one of the reasons why Juve is known as “the rejuvenation destination”. Medically proven light frequencies stimulate collagen fibrils and enzymes associated with cellular remodeling. LED photo facial treatments rejuvenate your skin; minimise fine lines, pores and skin redness; increase micro circulation; improve skin tone and texture; and can be beneficial for the reduction of mild to moderate acne, joint pain, eczema and psoriasis.

Cleanse, exfoliate, LED light
30 mins $95

Phototherapy Regenerate

A must before special occasions, this is the ultimate facial workout. Better still, we do the hard work, not you! Cleanse, exfoliate, and a peel to reveal fresh skin cells. LED light to stimulate collagen production and enzyme activity. Sonophoresis to infuse Vitamins A, C and E for a healthier skin. Your skin will look and feel firmer, more hydrated, radiant and renewed.

75 mins $239



Jane Iredale Makeup/Environ Skincare Top Overall Achiever 2016


N.Z. Beauty Industry Awards Best Clinic/Spa, 2013/2014


Environ Excellence Award 2014


Westpac Supreme Business of the Year Awards Professional and Service Excellence 2012
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