How can we turn Mother’s Day into Mother's Week

What is the definition of mother? I once read it was “one person who does the work of twenty - for free”

Mothers Day is a day to show appreciation toward mothers and mother figures all over the world. People may say it has got very commercial but quite honestly I am happy to have a day that I can claim as mine presents or not. The children helping with chores and breakfast being delivered in bed … actually in my house that is a daily occurrence but not for all you lovely ladies out there.

Tips to turn this day into a week.
Write a wish list – something like this… For mother’s day I want

  • Breakfast in bed or take me out to brunch
  • Do not ask for anything – work it out yourself or go to dad.
  • Fold three loads of washing.
  • Prepare a meal – double the recipe and freeze for another night the following week.
  • Wash the dog.
  • Choose another job – anything vacuum, dust, clean the bathroom
  • If all else fails make them get you something nice from Juve.


Come on ladies milk this, make Mother’s Day count. 

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