Does your skin like chocolate?

The Easter bunny came early to our house by a few weeks, and now I know when anybody says chocolate doesn’t cause pimples, the study must have been funded by a chocolate company.

The problem with having all this chocolate in the house started after dinner when all the work for the day was complete and I was making our cuppa tea to complement our ritual of sitting on the couch to watch an episode of Suits. I would say to my husband “shall we have some chocolate?” to which he always replied “yes.”

Well now we have tried quite a variety. The Pascal pineapple lump eggs, the Cadbury marshmallow eggs, the Lindt Gold Bunny and what turned out to be my favourite… the dairy milk marvellous creations with popping candy, raspberry chips and beanies.

Well … this selfless study, I conducted for all of you, concluded that yes, chocolate in excess will produce pimples – even if you are in your forties. Redness and inflammation will also accompany the pimples. I went on to read about this in one of my many books, and this combination of symptoms is aggravated by the dairy and sugar combination which alters the hormone levels and blood sugar balance therefore encouraging excess oil production which is sluggish and susceptible to toxins and then the skin cells are prevented from separating properly. Inflammation is produced causing the skin to redden and appear puffy and blotchy.

Well Easter is over and we are waiting for the next season of Suits so it is time to undo some of the damage I have created.

My action plan: - drink chamomile tea to reduce inflammation, green tea to help replenish some antioxidants, add Beauty Oil to help balance the hormone levels and un-sticky my sticky oil flow and make an appointment for a revitalising facial.

Thank goodness Easter is once a year.  

Written by Sally Wright

Para-medical Skin Therapist. 

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